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Drawer / Socks / Undergarments Organiser ( 8 Straps)

SKU: 176
*Customise : The organiser consists of eight individual straps, which can be customized and assembled as per your requirement. You can cut the strips to shorten the length if required. Hence it can be used in smaller sized drawers.* *Multipurpose : Simply place these fabric storage baskets anywhere you please such as dresser, drawer, wardrobe or cupboards to store and organize your underwear, socks, tights, leggings, stationary accessories etc.* *Time saving : Find the item you need quickly and easily, Organise your drawers and reduce clutter.Reduce 50% of time for dressing.* *Easy to install and easy to use : Easy snap together assembly, can be taken apart and rebuilt, Every sizes and different compartment you can design and control, Start organising in seconds.*
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