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Roti/Chapati Covers (Set of 3 ) (Pure Cotton )

SKU: 024
Wrapping food in aluminium foil or newspapers is a common practice, especially in our Indian households whether it is to store or to cook. This may not be a great idea though. *Newspapers release toxic ink in our food which is obviously not good for intake. *Causes neurological impairment: Use of aluminium foil to wrap our meals lay a negative effect on our brain. It leads to Alzheimer and even autism spectrum in children. *Affects the respiratory system: Use of aluminium foil leads into making the lung tissues thick and stiff at the same time, It can lead to a respiratory arrest in the body which can be dreadful. Aluminium foil even leads to excess coughing, phlegm and serious lungs problem. *It causes cardiovascular problems: Excess use of aluminium foil for cooking or wrapping food leads to cardiac hypertrophy. It even leads to the decline of red blood cells in the body which impacts our entire body functioning. Thus, causing anaemia in the body. It ultimately also leads to the problem of liver failure. *High intake of aluminium may also be harmful to people suffering from bone diseases or renal impairment according to studies. * The growth rate of brain cells in humans is adversely affected by aluminium. But the million dollar question is what to use if not alluminium foil ?? Our Handmade pure cotton Roti Covers (Set of 3 ) are the ultimate redemption to this .
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Big Size Roti Cover(with silver paper lining) : Size 18 Cms (Ideal for our daily serving of Chapatis in lunch & Dinner, can store upto 25-30 Rotis/Paranthas ) 

Medium Size Roti Covers : Size :14.5 cms ( ideal for an Adult's Tiffin Box , Can store upto 5 Rotis/ paranthas) 

Small Size Roti Cover :Size : 11 cms (Ideal for a kids,s lunchbox , can store upto 2-3 rotis/paranthas ) 

All covers are secured by chains so there is no question of ants getting inside. 

**Only the big size roti cover has silver paper lining.


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